2/6/2021 – Masterclass Signup and Pandemic Update

The Ellington Study Group LA has been on hiatus since March, 2020 – we’re having our first online meeting on Sunday Feb 7th 2021 at 10am PST. This event is available only to ASA members, so please visit the Academy of Scoring Arts website for more information.

In the meantime I’m collecting names and gauging interest for a private online composition and arranging masterclass. I’m envisioning a very small group of say, six? Four? Three or four meetings, a week apart, with written assignments and individual original score study/analysis…in other words your own works presented to the group.

I would like to keep this group moving fast and furious, and focus primarily on linear/quantum jazz and contemporary harmony – topics we’ve touched on in past meetings, but with a more in-depth and applied focus. I’m really interested in ways to inject cool harmonic movement into modern film/TV/jazz and rock music, in a way that isn’t talking about traditional analysis or chord symbols. We did this with early jazz music and the many ways to use passing “chords”, which are actually just a moment by moment manifestation of linear movement – thus the term “quantum” harmony – it’s not really a chord until the moment you perceive it and then it moves somewhere else.

And I’m REALLY into looking at your original music, and sharing it with a small group will be really good for you and everyone.

I’m looking at a price of $100 – $400 for anything from two to four classes, or more?

Please fill out the following form and let me know what you think and if you’d like to be added to the list to pursue this masterclass.   Thanks and feel free to contact me directly- Thanks! Scott