October Surprise: “St. Louis Blues” at 10/23 Class

I was looking around for scores on the interwebs and happened upon artistshare.com, which among other great artists, features the recent Gil Evans project of composer and arranger Ryan Truesdale. At the August class we listened to Gil’s “St. Louis Blues” from Old Wine, New Bottles, and low and behold, Ryan has published, with the consent of the Evans family, an accurate score of this very arrangement. So we spent most of the time taking apart this great work.

We also touched on Gil’s “Blues for Pablo” from Miles Ahead. We’re going to get back to this piece next class, and again and again, cause it’s a monumental work. A real ‘teachable’ piece…it’s like a Gil handbook, or a primer, or perhaps the Rosetta Stone of his work. Pure genius.

I can’t publish on this site Ryan’s Gil Evans scores without permission (which I don’t have yet), but here you will find PDF’s of the handouts from “Blues for Pablo”. Get the CD, read up on the history of this record (Miles Ahead), and dig upon some of the voicings and textures within.

See you next class!


update: the next class is Friday, December 18th at 10 AM, again at VItello’s in Studio City.

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