Ellington Study Group LA – Sponsored by the Academy of Scoring Arts

The Ellington Study Group is sponsored by the Academy of Scoring Arts, and is led by composer and pianist Scott Healy.

The group is open to all professional composers, arrangers and performers, and to anyone else who is interested in a deep dive into a hands-on and in-depth study of jazz composition, orchestration, arranging, jazz music theory and formal analysis using classic and modern scores and recordings. The music of Duke Ellington is a point of departure – the class will cover many influential jazz composers and bandleaders, from Bennie Moten, Bob Brookmeyer, Thad Jones and Gil Evans to Sun Ra, George Russell and Ornette Coleman.

In May, 2017, the ESG expanded its format to include guest speakers. Please join the e-mail list and check back for upcoming classes. Generally the ESG LA meets once every two months depending on artist scheduling.

Many thanks to the Academy of Scoring Arts for underwriting the ESG LA.

The Ellington Study Group classes are held at Vitello's E-Spot Lounge in Studio City, CA,  from 10am - 12:30. Tickets are $15 -  includes continental breakfast.

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Classes, Past and Future

Class Materials

  • Protected: Class Materials 2/1/2010
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
  • Class Materials 9/21/19
        Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Class Materials 3/23/2019
    Sweet Smell of Success Analysis Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Class Materials 12/8/2018
    World is Waiting – 3 Exs Black Bottom Stomp Corrected Score Black Bottom Stomp Harmony 1 Black Bottom Stomp TRANS 1 – Part 2 Principles of Linear Harmony   Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Class Materials 10/20/18
    GOT GROOVE? BBB SCORE ESG 10_2018 – Score Got Groove? Voicing Examples 1 – Ens Ex’s Got Groove? Voicing Examples 2 Got Groove? FULL REDUCTION – FULL REDUCTION GOT GROOVE? BBB FINAL – DRUMS Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Blues for Pablo analysisClass Materials 6/30/18
    Paul Peress Charts: I Just Can’t (CD Version) Sugar_City_FINAL2 Show Me Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Class Materials 5/5/18
    Class Materials 5/5/18 “Black Brown and Beige” Orchestral Suite arranged by Maurice Peress “Spanish Key” Miles Davis – SH Transc-Arr “A LOVE SUPREME” sketch (is this authentic?): Share this:TwitterFacebook […]
  • Class Materials – 3/24/18
    DIM and CRESC- Improv as Comp – Katherine Williams VCFA-Ellington-Lecture-Andy-Jaffe-Feb-2017-5 Hey! Great news…er…”Black Brown and Beige” full score of the full suite as performed in 1943 is now available on […]
  • Ellington Study GroupClass Materials – 8/25/17
      SCOTT HEALY MUSICAL EXAMPLES, 8/25/17 “DIm and Cresc in Blue” -full score RHYTHM EX #1 “I Ain’t Got Nothin but the Blues” Arr Healy Score “DYHANA” – m1-29 Leads_Bass_Chords “DHYANA” […]
  • Blues for Pablo analysisClass Materials – 5/6/17 – Brent Fischer
        SCOTT HEALY PDF SCORES AND MATERIALS: CIRCLES The Clothed Woman SH TRANSCRIPTION The Clothed Woman EXAMPLES The Clothed Woman- TRIO CHART There are at least four recordings of Ellington playing “The Clothed Woman”. Below is […]

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